About us

Systrond Motel Cabins and Camping is a family owned business located on the historical Viking farm Husabø by highway 55 - Sognefjordvegen, a half-hour drive west from Sogndal. Situated on the sunny side north of the Sognefjord, our camping site is found amidst lush apple orchards. We offer cabins and motel rooms of various sizes and standards - all with a beautiful view of the fjord. On the camping site there are power outlets and facilities for septic tank emptying.

In addition to sanitary facilities, the guests hav eaccess to a kitchen and a laundry room. In the reception area one can relax in a living-room area while enjoying free wifi. There are great opportunities to go swimming or to have a barbeque down by the fjord at our beach.For those who are interested in fishing or sports, it is possible to borrow a rowboat or kayaks. In the local area there are as well significant hiking opportunites.

Systrond Camping is a great starting point for day trips to nearby attractions such as Flåm, the glacier museums in Jostedalen and Fjærland and the Nærøy Fjord.